You can find out more about whether this is happening in your area currently by heading to Piclo.  You can also find out more about a new project, Social Constrained Managed Zones, which is opening the market to smaller community organisations and residents.

Joint Utility Working
In delivering cost-effective energy efficiency measures SSEN recognises a host of different organisations, both local and national, may have interests and see benefits in scaling rollout. A clear example of this is other utility suppliers who may want to roll out savings associated to their respective networks. By stacking such offers together in future these organisations can deliver on each of their aims whilst ensuring a smoother customer journey at a lower cost!

Behavioural messaging in the Power Track app
Drawing on the behavioural learning from SAVE, SSEN will work with the SAVE learning to improve its communications both internally (for example through letters to employees) and externally, for example in future iteration of the Power Track app.

Simple engagement best practises
SAVE’s community energy coaching trials has provided the project team with an abundance of techniques around how to better engage communities. This undertaking improves both the businesses ability to listen to what a community really needs and means of successfully growing interaction. The interaction techniques include:

  • Local branding/ownership;
  • Relating electricity to topics of interest (slow cooked cakes were a particular winner);
  • Simplifying/visualising any information or advice given so it can be digested almost instantly.